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Spreaderbar with integral leather cuffs (60 cm)

Spreaderbar with integral leather cuffs (60 cm)

Article code: EX600

Spreaderbar with fixed leather cuffs with connection for telescope.  Length 60 cm.
With this bar it is possible to screw on the telescope in the middle of the bar,  On the telescope you can place a dildo to fix people  extreme..
The cuffs are very rigid and also soft inside because of soft leather and has the possibility to close them with any padlock.
The middle of the bar has an screw-in connecting point with eyebolt.
The cuffs are mounted in an angle to adapt the natural bodyshape with the result that it is more pleasant to wear them.
When equipped with the telescope and dildo some people call it "one bar prison" 

€ 248.00

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